To forget is human nature. We fight our nature using technology to help us remember. And so we surround ourselves with instruments to remind appointments, dates, information, and knowledge. Sadly, we sometimes forget the most essential of things. Nostal is crafted to remind us more than just time. Nostal is crafted to commemorate spirits of the past.




Saxodate founder is based on the spirit of Indonesian founding fathers. The case is designed to reflect characteristic of a founder; persistent, humble, and timeless. The dial is designed to reflect elements of a rice field. We choose rice field because it is one of Indonesia’s essential commodity.
It represents our core identity that is meant to be protected as time goes by. Furthermore, rice fields are also the source of Indonesian “power”. Because the abundance of human resource is Indonesia’s greatest power and potential, and most of these hard-working citizen feed on rice field products.

Crafted for You

You are the sole purpose of Nostal; Carefully crafted for a man going through new challenges in their life. Also, to celebrate, appreciate, and treasure your worldly passions by having a fine company wrapped around your wrist. It is an essential hand-crafted legacy of mechanical watch with every second of creation dedicated for years of companionship.

Token of Moment

Nostal is for a bold experience, for a noble decision. It presents to embrace dreams and desire; chasing opportunities yet valuing passing moments. It is an expression of remembering courage; remembering the times you embrace changes, and turn time into chances. Over and above, Nostal listens closely to the farthest sound of your ticking pulse.

Compassionate Company

Nostal is crafted to be an intimate company and assembled for the professionals who appreciate the art behind complications and swiping seconds. And for the honored dedication, Nostal is alive as a compassionate piece to commemorate you who opened the gate to a prestigious journey.