How much does the shipping cost to my country?
All of Nostal watches are shipped for free worldwide with free shipping insurance, but we also offer an option of express shipping at an extra cost. Please note that there may be some exceptions of countries that our courier does not cover. To make sure that your country is on the list, please check:
How long will it take to receive my order?

Within Indonesia, you may expect up to 3 days to receive your watch. For international orders, the time may vary wildly; it may take 2 weeks to arrive. Please allow the time for processing, shipping, and handling.

Can I track my order?

Your package will be ready for shipping once we have confirmed the full payment. You will be provided with a code to track the progress of your delivery.


Does Nostal have any warranty coverage?

Yes, we do! With a warranty that covers for 2 years, starting from the date of purchase written on your warranty card, we will always be at our service for you and the Nostal watch you purchased.

What happen after the warranty period expires?

After the 2 years warranty period, if you meet any issues with our watches, you can still contact us for service or repair. There may be a charge associated with the services which will be explained to you when you contact us.

What is covered under the warranty?

We are liable for any defect from the factory for the watch and its components and/or movement issues arise from your normal use.

What is not covered under the warranty?

Damages caused due to improper use of the watch, and/or the tampering of the watch by any third party or unauthorized party resulting in the watch not working properly, and/or normal wear and tear are excluded from this warranty.

How does the claims process work?

We are very sorry if you meet any issues with Nostal product. In the event of a claim, please head to the support section of this website and fill out the contact forms. We will be in contact with you shortly.


Does my Nostal watch need a change of battery?

Nostal watches are powered by mechanical movement with automatic winding mechanism. It means that you never have to worry about your watch running out of battery as it has none.

Why does my watch stop sweeping?

Our watches have a power reserve that lasts for 41 hours, which means that you will find the watch to stop sweeping when it is left motionless for 41 hours. In that case, unscrew the crown to the winding position, turn it clockwise until the second hand start moving, and screw the crown back down against the case in order to guarantee the water-resistance.

Can I go swimming, surfing, or take a shower with my Nostal watch?

By all means, YES. Please have fun with your watch. All Nostal watches are water resistant up to 100 meters which is suitable for everyday use and water sports, but not suitable for serious diving or any professional water activity (unless stated otherwise in particular model).

How do I care for stainless steel watch?

We use 316L for all of our watches which are very resistant to corrosive. It is so that our customers can perform minimum care for the watch. You can wash them with warm water and dry with a soft cloth for cleaning.

Have a great experience with Nostal!